Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T. was formed to help preserve traditional farms/farmers/farming via non-traditional farming activities and events through agritourism, or EXPERIENTIAL farming – it’s Farming ReimaginedCelebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T. wants to take the traditional, commodity-driven approach to farming and help facilitate the transformation of it toward experiential farming, much in the same way Starbuck’s took a low-profit, commodity-driven product in the early 70s (coffee) and transformed it into an experience for customers around the world. This EXPERIENTIAL-driven approach helped fuel the coffee industry’s transformation to a more sustainable and profitable model. Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T. is simply a vehicle for helping farms travel from where they currently find themselves toward a more non-traditional, profitable and sustainable method of farming – agritourism. Every vehicle needs the proper fuel to help that vehicle last longer and run more efficiently. With Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T., there are three types of fuel: donors, grants and finally, revenue-producing non-traditional farming activities/events that Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T. helps fund, build and/or manage. Grants and donations will help support 1) funding/building/managing those non-traditional events and activities for farms; 2) continuing education (in the form of scholarships) for those wanting to pursue agritourism or experiential farming; 3) funding or supplementing of field trips for those schools/students who cannot afford them; and 4) giving to local, state and national honey bee associations.    

Some of the non-traditional farming activities/events that Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T. hopes to help fund include: pop-up movie screens, movie nights, beer/wine gardens, food truck festival events, bee hive displays, wall board mazes, entertainment stages, challenge/rope courses, disc golf courses, zip lines, live pig races, live duck races, fun runs and scavenger hunt events.