Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T. is hosting Summer Blast FARMERS MARKET @ MARIS FARMS in Buckley, WA. | July 2nd & 3rd

WHO:Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T. is hosting its second annual Summer Blast POP-UP/FARMERS MARKET @ MARIS FARMS in Buckley, WA.

WHAT: The Farmer’s Market is a fundraising event for Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T., with all vendor fees going to the local nonprofit and helping support its cause of preserving farms by inspiring and financially supporting youth to pursue the agritainment industry and present-day farmers to supplement their commodity farm-driven revenues with non-traditional farming activities and events.

WHEN: The plan is for July 2nd and 3rd. Farmers Market vendor times are planned for noon to 7 pm. Vendors can set up from 9:00 – 11:30 am and break down after 7 pm. If/when setting up and/or breaking down, you must use your own cart or a Maris Farms wheelbarrow to load items and can use the area between the kids’ courtyard and corn room barn for access. A “vendors area load/unload” sign will be set up. Please click link to view the vendor load/unload area and where vendor booths will be set up.

WHERE: Maris Farms, 25001 Sumner-Buckley Hwy, Buckley WA 98321.

WHY: The intention of farmers market is to help raise funds for Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T. as well as promote experiential farming, aka agritainment/agritourism and the preservation of family farms. The Summer Blast at Maris Farms is a first-year event and will feature a competitive cornhole tournament (3 of them in fact) during the weekend, as well as a fabulous Patriotic Light Show at the end of the evening. Guests will also have the opportunity to compete in some “extra” competitions for prizes during their visit and enjoy many of the 3+ dozen activities throughout the farm, including the kids’ courtyard, the low ropes challenge course, human foos ball, trike racing course, tetherball, ziplines, jumping pillow, barnyard ball zone, conk the crow and an exciting new mega-huge slide! You’ll also enjoy a beautiful gift shop and plenty of food options as well as our expanded BARn to enjoy a cool refreshing beverage. Live music is still in the works, so stay tuned for an announcement on this!


  • $30 per day for vendors to participate in the farmers market event with a 10X10 tent space at the fish/cow feeder (8 spaces available) and pumpkin scale areas (10-16 spaces available).
  • $40 per day for vendors to participate in the farmers market event with a 10X10 tent space under the Maze Barn area (6 spaces available)
  • Room for approx. 25-30 vendors
  • $25 application fee
  • Location of farmers market is smack dab in the middle of farm by the old cow feeder/fish pond, in the graveled area near the pumpkin scales AND inside the Maze Barn.
  • Applications for interested vendors can be found at Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T. website (www.CelebrateHarvest.com) or Maris Farms website (www.MarisFarms.com) by no later than April 1, 2022.
  • Vendor applications for those sampling/selling food items that are submitted less than 14 days before the market begins, will be subject to a late fee. The Health Department will not accept Farmers Market Vendor Applications from uninvited vendors.
  • Food/Beverage vendors will be allowed to sample their products, but must do so per Pierce County Health Dept. rules/regulations/standards as it pertains to Covid-19 restrictions (you can call 253.649.1703 or e-mail food@tpchd.org for details).
  • Food/Beverage vendors will not be allowed to sell prepared-food products, but only in take-home format (pre-packaged and not consumable while on-site).
  • Maris Farms gift shop, kettle corn stand, concession stands (Farmers GirLL, Smokehouse and Moody Cow) and beer/wine tent (called The BARn) will all be open.
  • For information, contact Rachael Czerwonka at pixiespotions01@gmail.com or 253.569.7628.

More Important Details

  • Covid Rules: None at this time
  • Vendor check-in/info packet pick-up: All vendors are encouraged to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to designated set-up time (no later than 10 am), to check in and pick up their vendor welcome packet, which will have information pertaining to this and future farmers markets being hosted by Celebrate HARVEST, your assigned/designated booth space, a farm/farmers market map with vendor space layout, a couple of nice gifts, one vendor ticket for the gift basket drawing that weekend and some other pertinent market details.
  • Set Up times: 9 am – 11:30 AM; you can bring your car to a designated unloading/loading area, but must remove vehicle by 9:30 am and park in main parking lot
  • Market Time: noon – 7 PM (you can stay until close if you’d like)
  • Summer Blast at Maris Farms Time: TBD, but most likely noon to 10 pm
  • Tear Down: 7 PM – 8/8:30 PM (you can leave your tent and table, but must bring tent down; we are not responsible for any items/products you leave overnight. Cannot bring your car onto the premises, so will have to bring your items out using your own cart or a Maris Farms wheel barrow.
  • Booth Clean Up: Vendors are required to maintain their individual selling space in a clean, safe and sanitary manner, including protecting the pavement from drips from any part of the vendor’s vehicle during set up and/or break down. Each vendor is responsible for keeping his/her booth space clean during the market and for complete cleanup of the space at the close of the market. This includes removing any trash or garbage that is generated in or around your booth and sweeping up any product debris left on the ground. Vendors are not permitted to dispose of produce waste, overripe or leftover product or boxes in any on-site garbage cans or dumpsters. Vendors must take your garbage off-site/with you. Market trash cans and dumpsters are not available for vendor use. Vendors should bring their own brooms and dustpans. Those who do not clean up at the end of the market will be issued a written warning for the first offense and a $25.00 fine for a second offense. A third offense is grounds for termination of a vendor’s permit to sell.
  • For information, contact Rachael Czerwonka at pixiespotions01@gmail.com or 253.569.7628.


  • SUMMER BLAST AT MARIS FARMS: featuring many of the fantastic activities experienced by visitors during the fall as well as some NEW ones that are sure to delight. Included w/admission (ONLINE: $TBD ages 3-12, $TBD 13 & older; ON-SITE: $TBD ages 3 and older): brand new GIANT MEGA SLIDE, hay rides, tube slides, trike race track, limited kids’ courtyard, jump pillow (if covid-restrictions allow), wall mazes, color change maze, human foosball, gaga ball, zip lines, etc., roller bowler, a tiny-tot zip line, the Feeds Mill Ropes (challenge) Course, picture-taking opportunities galore with a first-time tulip field and, of course, tons of cuteness with furry and feathered babies (and adults) – goats, piglets, ducklings, chicks, lambs and calves at the very least and a few more furry surprises. There will also be a first-time farmers market (hosted by nonprofit Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T.), food available at kettle corn stand and food concession stands (The Farmers GirLL, Smokehouse, Sweet Shoppe), our fabulous sweete shop and the newly expanded gift shop. Goat walk feeding stations will be open. A parakeet feeding station may be open as well.

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