Celebrate HARVEST is hosting the 2nd Annual DARK MARKET @ MARIS FARMS in Buckley, WA.

3 nights only Oct. 28th, 29th & 30th!

This local vendor-centric pop-up market is a fundraising event for Celebrate HARVEST, with all vendor fees going to the local nonprofit and helping support its cause of preserving family farms through non-traditional farming events/activities.

WHO:Celebrate H.A.R.V.E.S.T. is hosting its second annual Sunflower Days POP-UP/FARMERS MARKET @ MARIS FARMS in Buckley, WA.

WHAT: There is room for up to 25 10×10 vendor booth spaces (and the spaces are going fast!) at $35/night or $60for both nights. Booth set up will be along the lane that borders the exit of the haunted woods (between the jump pillow/pedal cart track and the haunted woods cornfield). Load-in cannot occur until 6 pm, when the tractor rides end for the daytime activities. It’ll be a quick turnaround, so prepare accordingly. There is no power yet (working on obtaining generator), but you may want to bring your own portable power source if you need it. Please click link to view the vendor load/unload area and where vendor booths will be set up.

WHEN: The plan is for the evening of Oct. 28th, 29th and 30th, 7 pm to approx. 11 pm (depends on how long the Haunted Woods is running) during evening festivities at Maris Farms. As this is a Halloween event, we are looking for dark, unusual, creepy, creative and Halloween-themed vendors to participate. This will be an outdoor market, so please be prepared for cold/uncooperative weather with walls and weights, as well as all the Halloween decorations/lights you can manage.

WHERE: Maris Farms, 25001 Sumner-Buckley Hwy, Buckley WA 98321.

WHY: The intention of the Dark Market is twofold:

1) to help raise funds for Celebrate HARVEST accomplish its mission of preservation of family farms by inspiring and financially supporting the future of experiential farming, both with future farmers and current farmers. Celebrate HARVEST will do this by helping fund field trips to experiential farms for those who might not otherwise be able to afford them and to provide continuing education awards to those who want to pursue any aspect of experiential farming. And, it’ll help fund, build and manage non-traditional farming events/activities (like the DARK MARKET) for present-day farms.

2) to offer another unique opportunity for friends and families visiting Maris Farms to create memories while experiencing the evening festivities Maris Farms offers its thousands of guests in October. Maris Farms will be offering guests the opportunity to experience its now infamous Haunted Woods (very scary), flashlight corn maze (non scary), many of its Hilltop Playground activities, the pumpkin patch, an expanded and super cute gift shop, as well as expanded dining options and The BARn, an over-21 beer garden like you’ve never seen.


  • $35/day or $60 for both days a 10X10 tent
  • $NO application fee
  • Room for approx. 25 vendors (10X10 spaces) along the lane that borders the exit of the haunted woods (between the jump pillow/pedal cart track and the haunted woods cornfield). (see diagram below)
  • Applications/forms for interested vendors can be found below.
  • Vendor applications/forms submitted less than 7 days before the market begins, will be subject to a late fee. The Health Department will not accept Market Vendor Applications from uninvited vendors (this is for food-related vendors).
  • Food vendors will not be allowed to sell prepared-food products, but only in take-home format (pre-packaged and not consumable while on-site). Any “sampling” must also be pre-packaged and done so in accordance with Pierce County Health Dept. rules/regulations/standards as it pertains to Covid-19 restrictions (you can call 253.649.1703 or e-mail food@tpchd.org for details).
  • Maris Farms gift shop, kettle corn stand, concession stands (Farmers GirLL, Smoke House, Sweet Shop, Espresso stand and possibly the DogHouse) and beer/wine tent (called The BARn) are all expected to be open.

For information, contact Rachael Czerwonka at 253.569.7628 or pixiespotions01@gmail.com OR Steve Templeman at 253.377.3574 or stempleman1967@gmail.com.

More Important Details

  • Covid Rules: None at this time
  • Vendor check-in/info packet pick-up: Vendors will need to arrive between 5:45 pm and 6:15 pm and enter through a gate located on the west side of the farm off of the Buckley-Tapps Hwy. This gate will take you on a gravel road between the pumpkin patch (to your left) and the corn maze (to your right) and you will travel east up the gravel road to the designated load-in/load-out area. The person checking you in at the gate will instruct you on where to go.
  • Set Up times: 6 pm – 7 pm; we will have a designated parking area for the vendors. You will need to unload and bring your items/tent/etc. to your designated booth space.
  • Market Time: 7 pm – end of haunted woods (normally after 10:30/11 pm.)
  • Maris Farms/Haunted Woods Times: TBD, but 7 pm – 10:30/11 pm.
  • Tear Down:10:30/11 PM (you can leave your tent and table, but must bring tent down; we are not responsible for any items/products you leave overnight.
  • Booth Clean Up: Vendors are required to maintain their individual selling space in a clean, safe and sanitary manner, including protecting the parking area from drips from any part of the vendor’s vehicle during set up and/or break down. Each vendor is responsible for keeping his/her booth space clean during the market and for complete cleanup of the space at the close of the market. This includes removing any trash or garbage that is generated in or around your booth and sweeping up any product debris left on the ground. Vendors are not permitted to dispose of produce waste, overripe or leftover product or boxes in any on-site garbage cans or dumpsters. Vendors must take your garbage off-site/with you. Market trash cans and dumpsters are not available for vendor use. Vendors should bring their own brooms and dustpans. Those who do not clean up at the end of the market will be issued a written warning for the first offense and a $25.00 fine for a second offense. A third offense is grounds for termination of a vendor’s permit to sell.
  • For information, contact Rachael Czerwonka at pixiespotions01@gmail.com or 253.569.7628.

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